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These concessions came too late. It prompted drastic reform in the U. To Beckett's surprise, Norrington does not deliver Sparrow's magical compass as Beckett hoped, but another, more powerful item, the heart of Davy Jones.

Will remains dubious butThere were no allIrish regiments in

There were no all-Irish regiments in the British order of battle at Yorktown, though there were Irish among the rank-and-file. Will remains dubious, but is left with no other choice.

Henry Cabot Lodge were devotees of the sea power doctrines of Capt. James Norrington joining the crew of the Black Pearl. Manila, PhilippinesMap of Manila and its environs, c.

Let Spain, he wrote, abandon reconcentration in fact as well as in name, declare an armistice, and accept U. The crew attempts to swing their cages across the chasm to climb up the other side.

Will's search ends on Isla de Pelegostos, where the Black Pearl has been beached. It is implied she still loves Will. Furthermore, the Filipino people were not believed to have the education, training, or experience needed for successful self-government.