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Butchering Small Game and Birds by John Bezzant download in ePub, pdf, iPad

In the past month, they've cut a bear, two antelope, and one deer. The best, portable sharpener I've found. But, used right, it's the second-best way to touch up a blade when you're in the middle of a job. The ceramic is very fragile. This invaluable book presents a complete manual for anyone who wishes to become a humane and skilled home butcher, and is superbly illustrated with colour step-by-step photographs.

It begins with an in-depth examination of equipment and presents instructions on how to use and maintain knives correctly. Who knows how many birds these have quartered. Best thing is, they are inexpensive.

Chances are, they're the same models your butcher uses. Plus, the two pieces separate for easier cleaning. Fish caught for sport are referred to as game fish.

This old steel should probably be retired. The book covers rabbits, hare, quail, chicken and turkey as well as game birds and provides comprehensive guidance relating to all aspects of the craft of butchery. Just right for cleaning waterfowl and upland birds, picking shot out of breasts, processing small game or other jobs where a larger knife would be unwieldy and dangerous.

Two to three quick swipes is all it takes to put an edge on a dull blade. The ceramic rod telescopes into the plastic handle, which is angled to guide you to just the right bevel.

Plus the twoChances are they're the same