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Proponents also assert that evaluation results are more honest and realistic when youth assist in gathering and providing the data on which evaluation is based. Partnerships is what enables many companies to make continuous improvements. Successful partnerships have some important elements in common. The mentee needs to be able to receive feedback and look at the situation from the mentor's perspective to gain a more objective viewpoint.

More Joint Ventures Joint ventures involve sharing the risks and rewards in an enterprise or project co-owned and operated for mutual benefit by two or more business partners. Instead of a focus on physical assets and economies of scale, the drivers of success reside in connectivity and intangibles. This means that he or she has to look inside themselves to identify areas that may need work and share them with the mentor. By sharing with others, you can direct your resources and capabilities to projects you consider most important. Similarly, youth may need to understand the limitations and realities that affect a program's development, operation, and evaluation.

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Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. If youth have no power to make decisions, their participation is not one of partnership.

Anyone who has been successfully mentored recognizes the impact on their life or the result in their career, but may not have been able to put a name to it at the time. Healthy youth development as a model for youth health promotion.

Personal commitment to be involved with another person for an extended time. It can be challenging to build effective, sustainable, genuinely collaborative youth-adult partnerships.

Break down stereotypes about both youth and adults. More New Employer-Employee Partnership Today, people are your firm's most precious and underutilized resource.

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