The team also integrated Zendesk with their own technology. Good platform to scale web and mobile testing. Being able to just log in choose my versions and then start trying to replicate is much easier than reverting to an old version of Firefox, for example, and then trying to test for bugs.

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Language supported English United States. Response time of their endpoints changes unpredictable over the day.

It's a heck of a lot easier than manage install scripts and sometimes not being able to have hardware to run tests on that can't be ran on a simulator. Overall The experience has been good. You'll have full access to great developer tools and extensions like FireBug, Chrome Dev tools and more.

It is also helpful in debugging real time. Since this is one of its kind product it is hard to find a drawback with it. At the top right corner, you can fit to screen, which is what I did. Also, the whole process could be simpler.

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Also provides different screen resolution. Grid In The Cloud Our Selenium and Appium cloud testing grid allows your engineering team to truly scale at the speed automation has always promised. They provides more than thousand devices to deploy your executions. It is not very quick to respond and sometimes load time is high. Still seems to be the best, most cost effective tool on the market.

He has an extensive experience in the field of Software Testing. Report this app to Microsoft.

Does Exactly What You'd Hope. Amazing software to test your applications without having all the mobile devices available. Obviously, if you update the settings to go on a different platform, then the current session will be terminated and a new session that can provision a fresh instance will be launched. This app can See the websites you visit. As a tool it requires a lot resources from your system, so beware if you going to utilize it and you have open some other programs.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. Its a great tool for any web developer. Automated Testing Platform.

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It is the best way to check websites across multiple platforms that I have found. An essential tool for front-end devs when it works. Test on the devices your customers are actually using.

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Great Devices Farm for automation tests. It helps me to complete my executions without any issues. Useless extension, microsoft vista theme not sure why Microsoft allowed it.

Allows us to quickly test and check reports of issues from users on our range of in house solutions and systems. They will ask for your information, ask you to pay, but there's nothing the user can test for trial. Whilst using live devices has been updated frequently, the screen capture functionality doesn't get the same degree of love during updates. Amazing software that allows me to test applications on multiple devices.


You get access to the entire device environment, so you can access dev tools and the file manager. It typically takes me minutes just to get it working correctly, and I can't explain why sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

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When we compared the ease of working with the tool, and productivity, Zendesk scored far higher than Desk. Have you read these stories?

The ability to view code that I've written on different platforms and formats is a huge help. You need a better network connection to get more efficient results. This is very stable and reliable application. Response time is very good and feature of logs and capture of images is very useful. In HigherEd, our projects wax and wane.

Or use it as the fastest, easiest way to do responsive layout testing, seeing your website on multiple mobile devices at once. That lets us pull a lot of customer-specific information from our database and automatically populate tickets.