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But it increased the feeling of dependency. Over the past couple of weeks, the greed-driven competitive market has lost some of its charm. Only at the end of the book does he turn his attention to crucial issues such as the influence of the media and the decline in election turn-out and party membership, but these are afterthoughts. Historians often overlook Baldwin in their rush to get to the anecdotal uplands of Churchill's wartime government. Seems like the categories just lacked the adequacy to cover Blair with any great deal of accuracy.

The abdication from ideas is, in part, the product of the economic fatalism that afflicts modern politicians. In consequence, he changed the world. But thereafter the electorate is irrelevant.

But in Victorian and Edwardian

He knows too much about British politics - past and present - to do anything else. Beautifully written and bursting with insight as well as historical fact, Britain Since redeems it all. But Marquand's new history of Britain since is far more than the usual recital of well-worn anecdotes and election statistics. Few, surely, could disagree.

John Milton is treated with proper reverence, because of his political philosophy as well as his poetry. As a political history of the past years, this is fabulously insightful and provocative.

These days few if any

But in Victorian and Edwardian Britain there were men and women who believed that they could do more than mitigate the most brutal consequences of laissez-faire. These days, few if any politicians have time to spare for fundamental questions about what is, and is not, the good society.