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Quantify, date and save any haematomas that are present. Photograph the clothed body.

Locate and retain any foreign bodies present. Confidence in the embolization technique was reasonably high, although there was a desire to strengthen the evidence base. Embolization appeared to provide symptomatic relief in the majority of women and is safe.

Examine the nose and ears and note any evidence of trauma, haemorrhage or other abnormalities. Examine the vertebrae from their anterior aspects and note any fractures, dislocations, compressions or haemorrhages. The body is then bagged and placed in the refrigerator for storage. Incise the soles to delineate the extent of any injuries. Two independent observers blinded to the side of pain separately analyzed the images.

Examine the vertebrae from

It is of the utmost importance that an autopsy performed following a controversial death be thorough in scope. Inter-observer variability was assessed using the Pearson correlation coefficient. Note any articles or substances within the lumina of these structures. Gadofosveset reversibly binds to albumin providing extended intravascular enhancement compared with existing extracellular magnetic resonance contrast agents. The heterogeneity of the studies was high.

Immediately after opening the chest, evaluate the pleural cavities and the pericardial sac for the presence of blood or other fluid, and describe and quantify any fluid present. Note any burn marks and attempt to determine the cause burning rubber, a cigarette, electricity, a blowtorch, acid, hot oil etc. Excise them for microscopic examination. For comparison, diameters were also manually measured on axial reconstructions and double oblique multi-planar reformations. Note any food present and its degree of digestion.

Examine the nose and

Do not scratch the sides or tip of any projectiles. Because of the variability in symptoms, clinicians must have heightened sensitivity to the presence of the condition. Let the clothing dry if it is bloody or wet. Label and store all belongings in the storage bags and forward to the Supervisor to place in the vault.

The posterior approach is best for evaluating high cervical injuries. Reconstructed coronal images were used to measure nerve diameter and cross-sectional area. Progression of stenosis is unpredictable and may be rapid.