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Films directed by Siddique. Madhu agrees and leaves to the station.

The film was selected to be screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival out of many projects submitted by India. Married Bhoomi in order to settle life, betraying Meera. Meera also gives a mobile phone to Madhu and informs to give it to Bhoomi when she meets him as Bhoomi's phone is broken so that she can reveal the truth to Bhoomi. But Ashokan begs Jayakrishnan to take Ammu as his wife.

Died later, due to some medical condition. Consequently, Divya and her friend Hazel Keech call Lovely and start a prank love affair. Over there, Bhoomi gets surprised seeing Madhu in the station and believes that it is Madhu who was pretending as Ammukutty so far and hugs her. Meera overhears her father's plans and decides to save Bhoomi by lying that he is in love with some other girl and has planned to elope with her. Vijay and Asin, along with director Siddique and the rest of crew filmed at the Vellore Institute of Technology.

Bhoomi berates Sidharth for his suggestion and apologises to Meera and Muthuramalingam, but Muthuramalingam also insists Meera to go with Bhoomi. Jayakrishnan follows Ammu to her college as her bodyguard. He achieves his luck after saving Ashokan from danger. The son later goes to Ammu's house with Jayakrishnan to visit Ashokan. Upon reading the diary, Bhoomi is shocked knowing that it was Meera who loved him in the name of Ammukutty.

When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. Jayakrishnan finds the diary and realizes that his real lover, the girl who's waited for him for so many years faithfully, was Ammu. Bodyguard Hindi Full Movie Online. Ammu calls her twice, but Sethulakshmi throws the cellphone out, trying to erase Ammu out of their love life completely. They refused to sell the title to Vijay, leading to the rechristening of the title to Kaavalan.

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Sartaj Rana Raj Babbar suspects him and Divya to be in love and sends criminals to kill him in case his lover turns out to be Divya. He is very devoted to his duties but irritates her all the time by following her everywhere. Ashokan lets Jayakrishnan go, but tells others to kill Jayakrishnan if a girl does not show up. Sidharth has learnt all the truth. This section does not cite any sources.

Bhoomi is sent to college along with Meera and her friend Madhu Mithra Kurian to protect them from the threat. In order to save Jayakrishnan's life, Ammu lies that it's not her.

Bodyguard ( film)

Suddenly, Madhu gets a call in the mobile given by Meera. He believes Ammu is a good-hearted person. Tamil and Hindi versions were directed by Siddique himself. Madhu has also mentioned in the diary that this truth should never be disclosed to Bhoomi.

Madhu understands that the call is from Meera and she wants to speak to Bhoomi. While Bhoomi protects Muthuramalingam, his rival threatens the life of his daughter Meera Asin. Sethulakshmi, seeing Jayakrishnan, falls in love, and admits that she is the lover, not Ammu.

Jayakrishnan takes his role as bodyguard very seriously and follows the two girls around constantly. The original Malayalam film Bodyguard was remade in Hindi and Telugu as well. Bodyguard is a Malayalam romantic action comedy film written and directed by Siddique. As Vijay had prior commitments then, stop sweating and start living ebook he suggested making this movie first in Malayalam as Bodyguard.

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The film is a remake of Siddique's previous Malayalam film Bodyguard. Bhoomi joins the same class where Meera studies, as he has previously discontinued his education. Terrified, Ammu sends her friend, Sethulakshmi, to the station and tells her to tell Jayakrishnan that Ammu is the lover and she won't be able to make it to the station. Ammu, as a joke, calls Jayakrishnan and speaks badly about Ammu.

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Several years later, Bhoomi, now a top-ranking government official, now returns to Muthuramalingam's village to visit him along with his son Sidharth.

Bodyguard Official Poster. In a twist, it is revealed that the friend is also in love with Lovely. However, due to circumstances they are not able to accomplish this, and she decides to elope with Bhoomi for which he agrees, unaware it is Meera.

Goes to Chennai with Meera and Madhu for their protection. Dileep Nayantara Thiagarajan Mithra Kurian. The film was later dubbed in Hindi as Main Hoon Bodyguard. Theatrical release poster.

It is revealed that Madhu has died a few years back due to some medical ailments, but she has written all the truth in a diary and gives it to Sidharth to read it after her death. Awarapan is the story of man called Shivam Emraan Hashmi who searched for joy but found nothing but pain and loneliness. She requests Madhu to go to the railway station and pretend to be Ammukutty, so that Muthuramalingam's men will spare Bhoomi believing Madhu to be his lover.