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They are eventually found by guards and brought back to court. Grain is usually straight or slightly interlocked.

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Bash stops Mary from going after him, and tells her never to go in those woods. Very good with historical background of the suffragette movement in England organized by Emeline Pankhurst. When he goes to pick it up he falls into the ice and Bash saves him. Reported to be very durable, and resistant to most insect attacks. Heartwood is a bright, vivid red.

When they are in the process of doing so however the blood cult pagans begin approach them, Bash starts to chant a pagan prayer to make them leave. Prices are moderate to moderately high for an imported hardwood. When the blood priest shows up Bash kills him instead of the thief.

When she threatens them Mary hits her in the head with a rock and she passes out. Has a mild scent when being worked. Those persistent enough to bear with the difficulties of working with Bloodwood to the finishing stage are rewarded with an exceptional and lustrous red surface. When the suffragette movement is bequeathed a valuable painting by campaigner Philomena Venn, suffragette volunteer Nell Bray agrees to retrieve it. When Bash and the thief are returning to court the thief lets Bash know that he knows he's the kings bastard.

Bloodwood is extremely dense, and has a pronounced blunting effect on cutters. By the end of the season Bash frequently visits the blood wood on his quest to defeat the Darkness.

It is this girl that is murdered. Mary then realises there pagan ties and becomes upset, but Bash reassures her. Isobel later gives birth to a daughter, being not strong enough she died not long after.

Against her better judgment she agrees, and in the process she uncovers a far more serious crimea brutal murder. Later Bash and Mary bury her on the outskirts of the woods. When Bash is hiding in he meets Rowan when he almost destroys her boar trap she takes him into her home.

Prices are moderate to moderately high

After Mary, Bash and Catherine find her they try to convince her to give the boys back. He is found by a pagan guard who killed him and strung him up to a tree as a sacrifice. Applying a thick protective finish, and keeping the wood out of direct sunlight can help slow this color shift.