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First in dreams, then in waking nightmares, Crossfades are bleeding into the physical world. It was in this work that we first met Chuck, whose job it is to astral travel into the in-between areas called Crossfades and help stuck souls cross over into the light. His friendship with Control is forbidden but they still forge one anyway, and seeing them interact was really fun. Because there's no telling what might come over from the other side. Bleedovers was definitely more of a man vs supernatural monster story, and I really enjoyed how Chuck, Control, and Marilee worked with each other.

The organization depends on regular guys like Chuck, a Level I Recon and Enforcement Technician who guides tormented spirits into the next life. The imagery and scenes were descriptive and vivid, especially as the metaphysical world bled into and overlapped with the physical world. Rose has a gift for creating believable science fiction worlds that are wrought with real, and even imagined, dangers around every corner.

This book is not for people who are a bit bug phobic, so just be warned.

First in dreams then in