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This was also the time that Chunky made a switch to the Bengali movie making industry which made him famous. After their enagagement both parted their separate ways. Eventually Soumya falls in love with Yuvraj and tries to come between Suhani and Yuvraj. Yuvraaj is now living with Soumya and her daughter, Krishna - and his daughter Yuvani - a slightly spoilt girl who wants to look the best due to talks from Daadi. The relationship could not materialise and never saw the light of the day.

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Bhavna on the other hand feels that going out on a coffee date is a more feasible way of getting to know a person in the best possible way. This adds a fun bit to it adds Chunky. The couple are very much into each other as can be seen by the numerous times they have been seen together in functions and socialite parties. His Ideal Woman Chunky has its own flavourful answer to the question when asked about the ideal person for him.

This is what he likes about her parenting skills. Yuvraj's mom, thinking quickly, gets Suhani back from her parents to help them. How He Thinks Marriage Marriage was not really the answer to his woes, thats what chunky believed in the early part of his career before his career came to a standstill. Even the remotest corner of the world would do if both the people share the love for each other on mutual grounds.

Sarcastically he said that he needed some tough love to get by from point A to point B since he is a big time lazy person. They started knowing each other well and helped making them complete as an indiviual. The couple also has other business interests and owns a stage show company. Suhani comes to know the truth about her marriage and is heartbroken. She runs a restaurant with her husband in the suburbs of Mumbai.

Chunky attributes this success to his daughters. Later Gauri falls in love with aditya and after passing hurdles, they marry. Yet Chunky says that he would like to get to know a person by talking to them on a date roaming around the city. Then it is revealed that suhani as well as soumya, both are pregnant. Bhavna is not an actor and is a socialite.

Wedding bells came ringing when he least expected it and says that he is glad to have made that decision to marry his then girlfriend Bhavna who is his wife now. Bhavna says that Chunky also happens to be very protective of his daughters and at times overdoes it.

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Share Suyash pandey is the real name of Chunky pandey. The whole of bollywood industry knows the actor as Chunky pandey. His Ideal Dating Plan Chunky feels that there is no ideal situation to dating a person. He is a household name in Bangladesh where he enjoys a wide fan following for his bengali films. He was at the low point of his life and was getting out of a relationship.

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Later barbie's brother Sajan and barbie does a conspiracy. This is said to be one of the main reasons for their break up as per media reports. They have been seen many a times enjoying some quiet family time in their health chain restaurant and on outings.

Chunky was at the peak of his career at that time and Anu also was trying to make a name for herself in the show biz business.

His fans approve of his marriage with Bhavna and are of an opinion that both the people complete each other by being together and are understanding of their love for each other. When asked the same thing to Bhavna, the choice dating show the situation married she said that marriage for her was an eye opener too as it was for Chunky. Chunky on the other hand has to say that Bhavna is a carefree person who wants to raise their daughters as self grown individuals.

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Later they take their to her home and Suhani starts proving everyone that it is Yuvraj's lost sister Gauri. Meanhwile in bollywood Chunky made a comeback doing comic roles which earned him good graces back to a bigger fan base. Everyone believes that suhani has died but she is saved and returns. She comes to know that barbie secretly loves yuvraaj and she has faked her pregnancy i. Soumya makes many attempts to impress Yuvraj and finally confesses her love but Yuvraj has no feelings for her.

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Yuvraj's grandma, however, is not very happy with this decision. Their daughters brought him, his wife and family much needed joy to tackle their problems. Among other actors in the business Chunky would be the only person who has such a diverse fan following since he was also briefly related to Bengali cinema which gave him quite the stardom. Chunky has quite the fan following. They dated for a brief period of time for almost two years before getting engaged to each other.

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