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With the force's reputation at stake, Dixon visits a nervous Carr in his flat changing into his uniform. This helped ensure that radical changes were few. Among the mourners were officers from the Kensington District, where Warner had lived in London, and Paddington Green, where the Dixon series was based. There was an increase in action whilst retaining detailed storytelling with Dixon's values at the core. But slowly, the view began to change.

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With the gang attempting to flee under cover of darkness, shots are fired, including two from Crawford. Taking no chances, the go-ahead for a raid is given and Sergeant George Dixon issues firearms to D. Warner's success as Dixon was popular amongst various police forces. The image of Jack Warner in police uniform with helmet made for an effective symbol of policing in Britain.

He was over thirty before he became a professional entertainer. This episode also shows the bascule bridge across the entrance to Shadwell Basin in Wapping. In later years though, Warner and his long-past-retirement-age character were confined to a less prominent desk sergeant role. At the end of the episode, with the mystery solved, Dixon wishes the viewers goodbye while the happy couple go off, to move to a flat in Chelmsford. The detail ensured that neither characters nor viewers could be completely sure about the outcome, ensuring gripping television drama.

The warehouse is long gone, now a supermarket. Susan Sydney-Smith demonstrates how the development of the British television police drama - and indeed British television in general - was more complex than accepted accounts allow. The book also offers insights not only into the relationship between early British television and its cinematic forebears but also early radio. Carr agrees to settle the debt, but as Dixon prepares to leave, accidentally knocks over a box, sending silverware clattering across the floor. The items, it transpires, are stolen, and the proceeds of a series of mysterious burglaries in the area.

However, as the s wore on, ratings began to fall and this and health questions were asked around Jack Warner. He was made an honorary member of both the Margate and Ramsgate Police Forces in the s. The procedural detail formed a backbone on top of which the dramatic story played out, allowing the whole to make perfect sense. The actor's age meant Dixon was always an older bobby and the viewer was left to wonder why promotion hadn't come his way earlier. Dixon gets to sing a few songs at the wedding but a small matter of a missing wallet emerges.

He had increasing difficulty moving about, which was helped slightly by a treatment involving bee stings. Starting in the early s, he broadened his range to include dramatic roles, becoming a warmly human character actor in the process. Often delivered at a genteel pace, this approach led to criticism from some quarters in the face of faster-paced and sometimes more violent contemporaries such as The Sweeney and even Z Cars. The rest of the film focuses on catching the perpetrator, a thug named Tom Riley played by Dirk Bogarde. Dixon comes across a raid and is shot.