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Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4 by Sue Blackman download in ePub, pdf, iPad

If I didn't already, I need to add a note about turning the regular shadow casting off on your light for that section. In the first edition, I had people build a tree, so had them bring that package in when they first set up the project. For those of you new to Unity, you will soon discover that Unity tends to make changes in each release that can make authoring for this great game engine, well, challenging. Bookmark this first post- I'll be adding errata, clarification, and later, changes required by new Unity releases. At the time I updated that chapter, Unity free did not have any dynamic shadows.

Big Tree is included with TreeCreator. While the first book's project was a classic adventure game, this time around, I've included physics and some favorite Unity special effects as part of the interaction. In a later release, they made dynamic shadows available to everyone.

But, shadows are very expensive, and the blob shadow is valid alternative when trying to keep your resource use low- as for mobile.

If I didn't alreadyIn the first edition I