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Beginner's Guide to Wealth by James Whittaker download in ePub, pdf, iPad

That being said he brings a good understanding of the finance field to the One Smart Dollar community. Wealth creation is not a simple task. It then goes on to sympathise with royalty and celebrities.

It is encouraging to see that Noel's son, James, borrows much from his father's successful technique in these important regards and brings something new and fresh, also. The universal principles mean that one reading can result in ongoing benefit over many years. You can take advantage of investing over time, if you start sooner rather than later. It might be that dream vacation you want to take, like my friends in Dallas.

Noel Whittaker has a clarity to his writing which results in a clear transference of understanding - meaning you retain what you read. Latest posts by Sean Bryant see all. If I could give this book a zero, I would.

Twitter Along the journey to saving and investing and getting your financial house in order, you may have the urge to just give up. Only to link their own name with all those they reference who have gone before them. You can either take money out of the country by converting it into hard currency and investing it overseas, or you can choose a rand-denominated investment via a South African unit trust. Then again, most of this is not about finance, just about ways to get yourself together. While I am not the target audience for this book I got some advice and a couple of good tips from it that I will put into action.

The Whittakers also quote the Bible, which is hugely inappropriate. On the one hand, a decline in share price reduces the value of your investment, while the benefit of dividends is that they attract less tax compared to the other sources of investment returns. Only because you were too head-strong to listen to any teachers or parents before you. But slow, consistent and deliberate action plus working on our mindset, is where the magic lies. Every bit of it is useful, unlike a lot of other finance books.

It is encouraging

Be aware of the risks You could lose everything if you invest in one share and that company goes bankrupt. Upon reaching my hotel, I gave the driver a generous tip and said he can use it to start his Israel fund. And I really, really hope that one day soon his dream will come true.

The universal principles mean that

It has a meaning in every chapter which gets you hooked to continue reading and it actually teaches you something that you wouldn't get in other books. Unlike many other books in the genre, I found that the methods and thinking really did apply to me and my situation. It was a slow afternoon when I arrived at the American Airlines counter to check in for my return flight to Israel.