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Because You Are Mine Part IV by Beth Kery download in ePub, pdf, iPad

For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. Whatever the cost, Elise is determined to confront Lucien about his past, and why, after all they've been through, is he just as determined to keep her in the dark.

Gorgeous businessman Lucien Savauge, adopted son of an infamous French billionaire, knows how to treat bad girls, but Elise is a temptation that would try even the most disciplined of men. Something even Elise doesn't know. With a heavy heart, Elise makes a heartrending decision for both of them.

But the night ends not as planned as Lucien begins to reveal his past. But the mystery deepens upon Lucien's return, when Elise overhears him talking to a stranger about matters that confuse and worry her. Feeling more and more secure in her feelings for Lucien, Elise takes a dare and agrees to a game Lucien has arranged. Her characters are smart and real.

But Elise proves to be such a wild, fiery, and sexually fearsome woman that Lucien wonders if she can ever really surrender to him. Having to read a book in that way would have lessened my interest in the story, it would have felt disjointed and i really don't think it would have allowed me to feel fully invested in the couple. It's a prospect that both intimidates and excites Elise.

Gorgeous businessman Lucien Savauge adopted

But taking on Elise is more than a game. One that could change their futures forever. He is no longer able to deny himself now that he's taken her, and installs her in his bed for good. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works.

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Something even Elise doesn't