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The Richtersveld stretched

On the right track The mighty Orange River We did a quick drive-through, trying to get to the mouth of the Orange River, but once again nearly ended up at Douglas Green. Back on the road we and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise as we entered Alexander Bay. We had previously done this at the Kei River mouth as well as at Malgas crossing the Breede River, but it remains a pretty cool experience. We had been driving along the Olifants River and the clear waters with so much potential caused the old fishermans twitch in my hookset arm.

We were greeted by heavy fog which luckily cleared just in time for a sunset walk to get the driving stiffness out the legs. The Richtersveld stretched as far as the eye could see, South Africa on the one side of the river and the huge sandy dunes of Namibia on the other side.

Back-seat driving Hilly lanscape Our breakfast stop in the middle of nowhere was pretty spectacular. Most of the towns on route through Namaqualand land are a blink-of-an-eye away from being missed. After a quick coffee at the Wimpy in Springbok and saying hi to a friend from our Angolan adventure, we squeaked some takkie to our first overnight.

We were greeted by

Back on the road we made another pit-stop at Aus. People were still actively searching for their fortune in diamonds. They shuffle their feet in the sand trying to loosen up some food to eat. Someone had inside info that we should buy meat from the Spar there, apparently it is really good and then you do not need to bring any in from South Africa.