Basque Font

Harri is an all-caps typeface, and must be ranked as one of the greatest digital typefaces that capture the Basque soul. Optotypo was inspired by eye chart typography. Thierry Arsaut tells us about the history of Basque type. In the press release, which you can find here, each of the fonts is explained.

Need ideas for Spring Break? Compare with Richard Beatty's Goudy Claremont, another good revival of that family. Arquitectura Popular y Grafia Vasca.

At the time, we were just getting started, and our skills at information-gathering were not very well developed. Readers Digest has published a splendid article on Basque cider. Elisabeth-Antiqua, Elisabeth-Kursiv and swash letters. He studied under Mark Jamra.

Basque font

It features a roofed Basque capital A. Roman inscriptional typefaces. The basic reference is a rare s book by M.

We found in it a thorough article about Basque type. His graduation typeface from the University of Reading.

Filson Pro a geometric sans family with curvy R, k and t. It was digitized after Harvey's death by Benedek.

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Hermecito is a style type system based on an angular serif. The Brief was to cut the letters in bronze and guild them. Showcase of Bartek Nowak's commercial fonts.

Mettro Pro is an elliptical sans family that could attract a large fan base. He moved to Madrid to join Fetenstudio. Nvma Titling Stone Type Foundry. Images of some of Olivier Gourvat's commercial typefaces.

Basque font

Luna, Tabula, and Linneo collections have received international praise and are in many of the best restaurants and hotels in the world. Basalt Stone Type Foundry. An hexagonal typeface at Monotype called Basque. Arsaut sketches the influence of roman lettering and later Celtic letter forms. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

Basque font

Basque lettering artist in Biarritz, France. This site contains a lot of cultiral information on the Basque country Gipuzkoa and on special glyphs used there. The complete collection can be found at Basque Letters. Original fonts by Polishman Bartek Nowak aka Barme, samsung galaxy y cdma i509 pc suite b. Laconic and Veggieburger are free at Fontsquirrel.

Besides being eminently readable, it also has extensive coverage of mathematical and phonetic symbols. The New Caledonian Kilometer with an extraordinary video. While roman, it is runic and chiseled in appearance. Also, Grafotechna ornaments maybe not by Menhart.

Some twenty years later, the missing upper-case letters were drawn together with the lower-case letters and Frieze, the font, was born. Fry's Ornamented is a revival of Ornamented No. It has some Basque influences.

Basque Free Font

Basque font

Maarziin Marina is from Donostia, near San Sebastian. Renzo is along the same lines but with sharpened serifs. The result was Alfabeto Bilbao. It was developed specifically for Debolex films for use in their film series that centres around the people of the coastal Basque town of Zarautz.

Basque font

Irun, Spain-based illustrator. This blackletter alkso has a mager weight. Graduate of the University of Irun, Spain. History of Basque Typefaces.

Amaikha is characterized by Latin warmth and roundness. Lutetia Open is based on the pt Lutetia capitals engraved by P. Named after cyclist Victoria Pendleton. Commercial Basque typefaces. Angel Brotxa is a free brush script typeface by them.

Spanish language site for various non-Latin language fonts. She also obtained a Masters degree in typography from the University of Barcelona.

The most read entries in the blog. Post-Antiqua swash letters. The letterforms can be traced back to romanesque inscriptions. View Andy Benedek's typefaces.