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As If I Am Not There by Slavenka Drakulic download in ePub, pdf, iPad

War makes us all something other than human, it allows those with the power to become monstrous and it allows those without it to be seen as vermin. The civilians are captured and taken away to work camps, one for men and one for women. While the conclusion may seem to be missing something, this is still a compelling drama about a dark period of modern history. You hate the Serbian soldiers, you hate the things they do to the women.

So when the occupying forces

There are no real happy endings, no magical cures here, simply harsh reality. Movie Info Filmmaker Juanita Wilson paints a harrowing portrait of a woman subjected to unrelenting horror in the midst of war in this powerful drama based on a true story. Her use of the first letter in place of the women's names is important in understanding the ability to dehumanize the enemy, they become things and not people. But this is only partly a gender issue.

She settles in

She settles in well to her new life but one day smoke is on the horizon and gunfire can be heard. So when the occupying forces marched into the Bosnian village where S. The title of the film resonates in this scene as Samira reflects on her ill treatment and how she is just a plaything rather than a human being. But, though the civilians at home worry about those who are away fighting for their country, they rarely see themselves as part of the war.

Not only that, but she even looks at what it's like to be a soldier blindly following orders, dehumanizing yourself to find the ability to commit atrocities during war. Samira finds herself watching the violence inflicted on herself and the others from a physical and emotional distance, and isn't sure how to react to the few soldiers who show her any kindness. The only downside to the film is it feels somewhat unfinished in its conclusion but perhaps that is an apt reflection of the scars war leaves on a nation and its people.

It is repulsive, scary and sad. You know soldiers will die, you know that some of these may be people you know or even your loved ones. But the author, in my opinion, never slips over into the gratuitous because her focus is on S.