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The Philippine government also claimed that the heirs of the Sultanate had ceded all their territorial rights to the republic. In Kalimantan, thousands were killed in fighting between Madurese transmigrants and the Dayak people in the Sampit conflict. This resulted in indirectly establishing British- and Dutch-controlled areas in the north Malay Peninsula and south Sumatra and Riau Islands respectively.

The mine with M

The mine, with M fuze, is activated by the weight of an intermediate or heavy tank. The Sultanate was thereafter suspended and replaced by a Japanese council.

The Sultanate was thereafter suspended

Most of the population lives in coastal cities, although the hinterland has small towns and villages along the rivers.

Sukarno and Hatta continued the plan by unilaterally declaring independence, although the Dutch tried to retake their colonial possession in Borneo. It is to be loaded with sand and fuzed in the field. Brooke established the Kingdom of Sarawak and was recognised as its rajah after paying a fee to the Sultanate. The present boundaries of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei are largely inherited from the British and Dutch colonial rules. Lighter equipment or personnel will not overcome the spring system of the mine and actuate the fuze.