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For a strictly Markov process any such sequence of marked point processes determines a stepped semi-Markov process. This work may not be translated or copied in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher Springer Science-t-Business Media, Inc.

It seems to be convincing enough that continuous semi-Markov processes are worth investigating. Readers who have mastered the material in this book will have a firm grasp of semi-Markov processes and be able to use them in the solution of their problems.

The paper firstly presents a short introduction to homogeneous and non-homogeneous discrete time semi-Markov processes and the related reward processes with finite state number. The former preserves the Markov property and the latter does not. An application in credit rating modelling is given in order to illustrate the results.

This distribution possesses the

The structure of the set of regenerative times for a measurable family of probability measures is investigated. It is a basis of the constructive determination of a measure P on Z, F. We call this the trace of the trajectory. Printed in the United States of America.

We consider a continuous semiMarkov

In fact, a duration-dependent semi-Markov model is presented for continuous time nonhomogeneous processes. This follows from both some premises about independence, and experimental data of such a phenomenon as chromatography. The paper is organized as follows. The author would like to express their deep appreciation for the help given by Yu. The connection between them is either not taken into account absolutely or is formulated in terms of these measures.

This distribution possesses the Markov property of a special kind. We consider a continuous semi-Markov model of accumulation of a substance which consists of particles moving up to some non-Markov time and remaining in the stop position forever. In this paper a semi-Markov model useful for following the time evolution of the aggregate claim amount is presented. In particular, all measures Fn can be identical case independent and identically distributed members of a sequence.

The main theme of this book is devoted to theoretical aspects of continuous semi-Markov models. Here we will not cover computer problems.

We strongly hope that practitioners with a variety of interests will have the opportunity to use these new types of models in their own fields. It seems natural that they can serve as an adequate model for carrying substance through a porous medium. For a proper Markov process this distribution has a special limit property while diameters of the neighborhoods tend to zero. This extension is motivated by theoretical reasons as well by the practical need of making an efficient rating migration model available.