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An Introduction to Theories of Human Development by Neil J. Salkind download in ePub, pdf, iPad

He guided and advised me

He guided and advised me when I needed it, and I thank him for his efforts, patience, advice, and the terrific lunch in Tampa. Both of these men brought to life a new view of the human condition, one of conflict and tension. In addition, the appendix consists of a long list of other related readings without annotations that you might find useful as reference material. Without Jim Brace-Thompson, senior editor at Sage Publications, this idea would not have reached fruition. It also includes a summary table that will help you to compare the various theories directly with one another.

Finally, this book reinforces learning with pedagogical aids, featuring important summary points in the margins and providing lists of suggested additional readings.

Information about these resources is included to help you learn more about the nature of the different theoretical positions introduced. Professors and students have many different books of this type available to them, but I think this book is special, for a variety of reasons.

Both of these men brought to

Sage has the best editors in the business, and Jim is one of them. In this case, many people were very helpful and had a vision of what this project could be if guided correctly.