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An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy by Joseph L. Wetchler download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Readers will benefit from discussions on the influence of gender, culture, spirituality, and sexual orientation. She is the author or co-author of numerous books on Marriage and Family Therapy, some of which are staples in the field.

Social Constructionist Family Therapies A. Chapters draw on each author's area of expertise in exploring the history of family therapy and the application of systems theory to families. Wetchler and Hecker have recruited the top thinkers in family therapy theory and practice to share their knowledge of the field in this revised volume.

The authors include as central concepts contextual issues of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, and spirituality. Structural Family Therapy J.

Chapters draw on each author's area

Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy J. Transgenerational Family Therapies J. Bischoff About the Editors Joseph L.

As an introduction to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, this volume stands above the rest. Special Topics in Family Therapy J. This knowledge is the key to understanding what differentiates Marriage and Family Therapy from individual psychotherapy. This well-conceived text is a must-read for those who are teaching, learning, and looking to expand their knowledge about family therapy approaches, research, and ethical issues.

This blend of approaches and styles gives this text a unique voice and makes it a comprehensive resource for graduate students taking their first course in Marriage and Family Therapy. Strategic Family Therapy K. Experiential Family Therapies V.

Social Constructionist Family Therapies