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Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa answered the call, and Gylbarde's forces were swiftly defeated. However, Gylbarde poisoned Vainchelon at the meeting and sent his son to spread news that Vainchelon had died of illness. Potentially they are lethal, I agree. Their schemes aimed at the destruction of the andat, previously thwarted, are about to bear fruit at last. However, Vainchelon fell ill and died before his plans could come to fruition.

It is not about individual fates anymore. Fearing that after the Shroud fell, Ala Mhigo would invade Coerthas next, Ishgard petitioned for an alliance of Eorzean city-states to defend Gridania.

The clash between these two personalities is one of the main axes the book revolves around. The war grew out of the desire of King Manfred of Ala Mhigo's ambitions, as he hoped to expand his nation's influence by sending forces into the Black Shroud. For the ever-expanding Galtic empire, the cities of the Khaiem amount to the anathema. It is not about individua This was brilliant.

War is hell waged to

What he planned, is the end of the world. But at the same time totally benign. It is as if I exterminated the whole spider population in Africa because well I don't like them that much and they are potentially dangerous to me and the ones I love.

Sparks fly but

Sparks fly, but equally, tears fall and blood flows. War is hell waged to escape the fears of what might happen, magic is a weapon of mass destruction.