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An Atlas of Poverty in America by Amy Glasmeier download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Over Kano, Glenn took control of the spacecraft and started a major yaw adjustment. Mercury Control was still undecided on the course of action to take.

Being poor bears a stigma often perpetuated by politicians who play on tired stereotypes and stubborn myths. Vibration increased as the last of the fuel supply was used up. After about twenty minutes the yaw thruster began working again and Glenn switched back to the automatic control system. Glenn noticed that the attitude indicators disagreed with what he observed was the true spacecraft attitude.

But much like America itself, many are segregated by race. He allowed the spacecraft to continue the yaw maneuver until it was facing into its flight path. Glenn reported that he felt fine and had no problems. Glenn also reported there were no bumping noises during spacecraft maneuvers. After the tower was jettisoned, the Atlas and spacecraft pitched over still further, giving Glenn his first view of the horizon.

Fuel in the automatic tanks was getting low. There they found no true solace, trading violence and Jim Crow segregation for racist housing and other policies that left them vulnerable to social, economic and political predators. Then at two minutes and twenty-four seconds, the escape tower was jettisoned, right on schedule. The spacecraft attitude was steady during retrofire.

Mercury Control was stillOver Kano Glenn took