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Modern electronic navigation

Modern electronic navigation systems made the navigator redundant by the early s. Any attempts to cut open the tape and resealing it again with transparent tape will be impossible.

Travel Assessments and Briefs Advance planning is the key to uneventful foreign operations. The surface of Tamper Tape is silicon coated.

Crew chief, an enlisted aircraft mechanic responsible for the maintenance and preparation of the aircraft. Still actively trained and licensed in some present day militaries, as electronic navigation aids can not be assumed to be operational during warfare. On non-cargo aircraft, weight and balance tasks are performed by the flight crew. On older aircraft, typically between the lates and the s, the Flight Engineer was the crew member responsible for engines, systems and fuel management.

Largely redundant in the present day. The course will be delivered by DfT approved instructors who have first-hand experience in the aviation and education sectors.

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These liaison networks are closer to the center of the conditions and know the problems and probable threats. The rank of Second Officer was traditionally a Flight Engineer, who was often the person who handled the engine controls.