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The restaurant itself is actually pretty small, so you might want to call for a reservation. The gazebo, the lamp posts around the area, the flood lamps on monuments, and the lighted balls on trees add up to the romantic setting it naturally provides. You will surely see a few other foreigners who sit outside on the beautiful terrace and have similar plans like you. Try the escargot to make your night even more memorable. Whether you are celebrating this day with your partner or your buddies, you can never go wrong with fun budget-friendly ideas.

Plaza Independencia

The view from the mountain is a fresh scene away from the sensory bombardment found in more frenetic areas of the city. What do you think of our recommendations? If you are dead broke, you can walk through the windows of the mall and head on to this open floor for the moon at the backdrop. My favorite bars are All Stars and El Gecko.

Cheap Places to Eat in Cebu City, Cebu Island

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The Liloan Lighthouse is a favorite romantic destination at the end of a long spectacle of seascape. Add some extra romance by watching the sunrise and up your chances of scoring something great. Other than their famous chocolates and sweets, The Chocolate Chamber also offers a wide array of dishes to choose from.

Explore how romantic Cebu is. Moonlight Over Cebu Stargaze without the blanket and the grass. The view of Cebu City at night, with bright colorful lights spread below us.

Delice Recipes, he muttered. We recommend you try their pasta on squid ink to add a dose of fun with your conversations.

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Watch out though, because the malls are also the most popular place for freelance prostitutes to look for customers along with the night clubs. Casa Verde will always be a go-to for romantic dates on a budget. One of the favourite destinations for picnics and outings. Go for the classic walk in the park while holding hands. Freelancers Probably the best value-for-money option in terms of hookers are the freelancers on the streets and malls.

They also offer a variety of sweets and cakes to share with your honey. Go there especially at night when the city begins to light up. Just follow the road going to Tops. Delice Recipes will surely delight. Get those matching aprons out and fire up the skillet for cooking.

Oakridge Business Park, A. The night was a bit cold as I drove up to The Tops. Travel Back in Time at Fort San Pedro If you are in the area for a long time, chances are you never got around to seeing a lot of tourist attractions. Whatever you have in your menu, nothing can go wrong with the sweeping tableau of the changing colors of the sky and the sea into the night. The entire night for a date does not have to cost much.

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The place is not really that big, thus, another plus as a romantic date place. What are the best places to meet girls for sex? Did I mention this places feels freezing at nights?

Its cosy, lounge atmosphere also makes it a perfect place for wines and cocktails after dinner. After asking permission, I was photographing the place and later ate when the food was served.

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If you want to spend more time here, que es labriego yahoo dating the place is also a bed and breakfast with rooms upstairs. Cebu has the best places you can hang out when you are tight on cash.

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Maybe even imagine you are Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara, meeting in secret to speak of your undying love. The chicken parmigiana was just delicious.

You can get the object of your affection swooned with the luxury of gaudy dinners, but sometimes all it takes is a scoop of ice cream to make the magic. Benedicto Street, Cebu City c No. There is something for everyone and plenty of things you never knew existed.

It offers a panoramic view of the city and Mactan Island. Get sweaty and healthy all at the same time. Either way, you will have something to talk or laugh about the whole time.

There is a limited number of tables at the front and side veranda. Enjoy your favourite Filipino dishes while enjoying the view. Entrance to the park is free, and you get to enjoy the landscaping and colourful lighting.

Their branch in Ramos has a really nice homey feel, making it perfect for a romantic date. Whatever you have in mind, this place will surely keep up on the specials and break on your dinner bill. There are stores in the vicinity that sell food and drinks you and your honey can munch on something while you enjoy the city lights. It should, however, get you romantically sold. The lack of a buzzing scene is a plus factor to the romantic atmosphere it brings.

The most romantic place for a date in Cebu • langyaw

The best sports bars in Cebu are located on Mango Avenue see the map at the end of the guide. Have pretentious conversations about history at Fort San Pedro.

For something a bit fancier, indulge in the French cuisine offered at La Maison Rose. Go for a ride and park at a good spot along the coastal road for the sunset.

Rent a tent and spend the night away on top of Busay Hills. After ordering our food, I hurriedly went back to the car and got my tripod and camera gear. Pitch woos with the best of them.

Grab your guy and park just below Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Nights can be cold so dress appropriately. Their branch in Gorordo actually has a romantic feel to it, or you can head down to their branch in White Gold or in Mango.