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And the more I set out on a journey to reach myself the more I shall wander. The desire to attain liberation also is not without its stink. Those who reach, those who are purified, who have known, they stop. The greatest difficulty that a person encounters when he sets forth to express Truth is, that no sooner Truth is converted into words, it becomes Un-Truth. Another conceptual similarity between various conceptions is that the ultimate reality also somehow reveals to humans the way to live.

The Absolute is conceptually defined as something inexpressible and perhaps unthinkable. The very fact that it is the heart and the basis of the universe should make it the most intriguing object of enquiry within the realms of the intellect.

It is just as when

It is just as when a man steps into a pool of stagnant waters and disturbs the slush below. In fact the destination is the last end of the road and the road is the beginning of the destination.

In fact the destination

He will lose himself with his own hands by this search. He who sets out on a path to find himself, will never reach himself. The quote above, via Schuon, is actually fully represented within the Hindu tradition.