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In the ensuing struggle, Dr. He plants a tracker on her and follows her. Dick Grayson returns to Gotham City for Elliot's funeral. Later, after they inevitably wander off, he locks them in a hotel room.

He plants a tracker on her

For example, the Scarecrow who appears here is very clearly the same version of the character who appears in The Long Halloween. It just feels like too much on top of everything. This is in contrast with other heroes, like Superman.

Elliot is apparently shot dead by the Joker. The first time Batman refers to his civilian identity, he uses the third person, rather than the first. The plot element involving Jason Todd was later retconned in other Batman storylines.

He only survives because of his intricate support network. After the story's success, Lee and Loeb were slated to follow the story up with another six issues, but the project failed to materialize. Bruce even suggests that the Riddler would be better suited to give up being a costume criminal.

He can grow and develop, breaking out of those old patterns. In addition, Batman warns that if Riddler reveals his secrets, it exposes Riddler as the culprit who used Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit, who would then send the League of Assassins after him. That sort of thing is Loeb writing at his finest. It seems that you either love it or you hate it, there seems to be no middle ground to speak of. He hardly seems like father of the year.

Had it not been for Oracle. Sometimes we change because we subconsciously realise that we need to change.

In the ensuing struggle Dr

Even if it takes a whole city to do it. Had it not been for Huntress.

He comes to be referred to as Hush. Even Batman initially suggests that the Riddler has been left out of whatever his foes are planning. Returning to Gotham, Batman finds Catwoman being attacked by a delusional Huntress. Hush is all about identity. Indeed, the collection makes a solid introduction to the world of Batman, even if Loeb does lean a bit heavily on old continuity.